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Easy, Healthy Snack Ideas

Snacks are so important for work, rest, travel, adventures, and all times of day. I choose snacks based on how ease, nutrition, and affordability. My list is always changing, but here are some of my favorite easy, healthy snacks!


I love snacks

Hi, my name is Jordo, and I love snacks. You will always find me with a snack, whether I’m at work, studying, traveling, adventuring, or even resting in my own home. I’ve learned a lot about snacking over the years, which has changed the foods I consume. My list is always changing, but I compiled a list of my favorite easy, healthy snacks to share some ideas with you!

Which snacks to choose?

  • I usually choose snacks based on their nourishment and taste. It’s simple: if something provides nourishment, I want to eat it. If I don’t enjoy how it tastes, I won’t eat it.
  • I like to choose snacks made from whole foods, but there are still some processed foods I enjoy too.
  • Snacks that are filled with protein and fats will usually keep me fuller for longer.
  • Having access to a refrigerator will change the kind of snack I can enjoy, which is really only something to consider if I’m traveling.
  • Affordability plays a big role in the snack game. There are a wide range of options so it’s important to decide what priorities for snacks. Is price the most important? What ingredients are used? Where the items are from? For me, it’s a mix of price and ingredients. I ball on a budget, focus on fresh foods (not necessarily organic products), and will splurge for the things I really enjoy.

Again, the biggest considerations for me are easy and healthy.

Tips for healthy snacking

  • Plan and prepare. Before I go grocery shopping I take an inventory of what I have so I can make a plan of what I need. I consider seasonal foods, sales, and what I am craving so I can make the best purchases for my wallet and tummy!
  • Pack the night before. I always pack my snacks for the next day the night before. I have reusable stasher bags and small containers I use to prepare things like homemade trail mix, fruit, cottage cheese, and yogurt. It’s extra time to scoop out yogurt or pack trail mix as opposed to buying single serving packages, but it saves some extra money.
  • Get a lunch box! I use my lunch box every day to transport all of the goods from my house to work. It keeps my food fresh all day long. The biggest benefit to packing a lunch box is to avoid encounters with becoming hangry.
  • Make portions. Dividing snacks into portions helps me with self-control and eating appropriate sizes. It’s helpful for me to pour snacks into a bowl or pack into a bag instead of just snacking right out of the bag.
  • Make it easy! I don’t make everything from scratch. I like making things like protein balls, energy bites, and sometimes my own trail mixes. However, I don’t make my own nut butters, granola bars, or yogurts because it’s not worth the time or money for me. At the end of the day, I just try to make it easy on myself by filling up on things that are healthy and I enjoy.  

In no particular order, here is a list of some of my favorite healthier snack ideas.

Date energy balls

These energy balls require 5 ingredients and taste like cookie dough! My favorite ways to eat them are by themselves or with yogurt. I store them in the freezer and they will last for a few weeks. This recipes and others are featured on my roundup of healthy energy bite recipes!fullsizeoutput_6346.jpeg


These are some of my favorite protein bars because of the simple ingredients, tasty flavors, and how easy they are to transport. There isn’t a flavor I dislike, but the chocolate ones are my go-to!fullsizeoutput_6343.jpeg

Protein balls

I like to make big batches of balls and store them in the freezer to grab on my way out the door! There are a million and a half energy bite/protein ball recipes out there and it’s so easy to find one using whatever ingredients are stocked in my pantry. Here are some recipes I have made recently:

  • High-Protein Mint Chip Energy Balls (the left column in the picture)
    • I bought mint extract specifically to make these energy balls and regret nothing about my decision! The chocolate and mint combination is super underrated.
  • Giddy Up Energy Bites (the middle column in the picture)
    • The flavors of these energy bites are amazing. There’s toasted coconut, chocolate, coffee, cherry, and basically is the perfect little pick-me-up snack. The recipe is from the Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow cookbook, and I’m obsessed.
  • Chocolate Protein Balls (the right column in the picture)
    • I will be honest I can’t remember the recipe I used for the last column of energy balls. There are so many chocolate protein ball recipes out there that I am sure are so similar to the one I used.

Apple and peanut butter

Slicing an apple and dipping it into peanut butter is a super simple snack. Adding peanut butter to the apple will add extra nutrients to keep me fuller than just eating an apply by itself (plus peanut butter is delicious!) I like to make it fancy by slicing an apple and adding a dollop of greek yogurt, drizzle of peanut butter, and sprinkle of granola.fullsizeoutput_6340.jpeg

Crispy chickpeas

Crispy chickpeas are a high protein savory snack. I have made my own crispy chickpeas following a recipe and have bought from already crispy in a bag from the store. Either way they are a great crunchy, savory, and delicious!

Protein shake

Similar to energy bites, there are also a million recipes for protein shakes. I keep mine simple by combining a scoop of protein powder, frozen fruit, ice, and almond milk! This is one of the best easy, healthy snacks when you're on the move. fullsizeoutput_633b.jpeg


I usually eat popcorn as one of my post-dinner snacks when I am craving the salty and crunchy combo. I make mine in a pot on the stove and just add either salt, cheese, or some other seasoning on top.fullsizeoutput_633c.jpeg

Chia pudding

Chia pudding is still relatively new to me, so I have only used one recipe. I made this high-protein and fiber snack sweeter by adding a little bit of strawberry syrup and some fruit on top! I used jars and made a few batches ahead of time so I could store them in the fridge and grab them throughout the week.fullsizeoutput_633a.jpeg

Veggies and hummus

There are so many veggies to dip into hummus, but my favorites are carrots and celery! Pairing hummus with veggies adds extra protein and healthy fats.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is a great high-protein sweet snack. I will eat any brand (usually the cheapest or whatever is on sale), but my favorites are Siggi’s, Fage, Trader Joe’s, and Chobani. Buying a small container is great for on-the-go snack if I have access to a refrigerator. If I’m at my home, it’s easy to scoop plain greek yogurt and add toppings like fruit and granola.

Cheese sticks

Cheese sticks are another great high-protein with some healthy fats snack. They are easy to grab on the go and fun to eat! Again, I don’t have preference to a brand and will usually choose the cheapest or whatever is on sale.fullsizeoutput_6338.jpeg

Whole fruits

Whole fruits are one of the easiest snacks to pack. I like bananas, apples, pears, and peaches because they aren’t messy. Other fruits like oranges and berries are also great, but not my go-to while traveling.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits are loaded with micronutrients, fiber, and antioxidants! My favorites are dried mangos, strawberries, banana chips, and cherries. This snack is easy to pack or pair with nuts for a DIY trail mix.fullsizeoutput_6337.jpeg


While the type of nut will vary in nutrients, most nuts are high in fiber, protein, antioxidants, and healthy fats. I usually buy nuts in bulk so I can keep jars of almonds, cashews, pistachios, peanuts, walnuts, and pecans in my pantry. I like to add nuts to salads, trail mix, or eat them plain!fullsizeoutput_6336.jpeg

Protein bars

There are so many options so it’s important to decide the top priorities in a bar. For me, these are taste and ingredients. Taking that into consideration, I will splurge for the bars I really enjoy! My favorites are Rxbar, Perfect Bar, CLIF Bar, GoMacro Bar, Wolo Bar, KIND Bar, and Costco’s Kirkland Signature Bars. These bars use high-quality ingredients, are packed with protein, and taste great to me. I’ll always have multiple of these in stock for easy, healthy snacks.



While oatmeal is mostly a breakfast food, sometimes I eat it as an afternoon snack. I like to add nut butter and granola too.fullsizeoutput_6331.jpeg

Nut butter

I love nut butter. Adding nut butters to snacks like fruit, oatmeal, and yogurt will provide healthy fats and protein. I have jars of nut butter in my pantry, but there are several brands that make packets for packing. Rxbar is my favorite brand and makes nut butter packets the are easy to pack, spreadable, and so delicious!fullsizeoutput_6330.jpeg

Meat sticks

Beef, turkey, or bison jerky are great high-protein and portable snack options. My go-to brands are Chomps, Western’s (a local producer), and Epic.fullsizeoutput_632f.jpeg

Trail mix

The beauty of trail mix is that it can be built based on nutrients, taste, and texture preferences. Adding nuts provides healthy fats, dried fruits adds antioxidants, pretzels or popcorn can add salty and crunchy, and chocolate can provide sweetness. I always make a batch of trail mix using bulk ingredients of my favorite foods. Consumed in moderation, trail mix is a great nutritious snack!

The recipe I’ve been making on repeat: Copy Cat Trader Joe’s Tempting Trail Mix

  • One of my go-to snacks from Trader Joe’s is their trail mix, specifically the “tempting trail mix” is my absolute favorite. The combination of chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, dried cherries and some roasted and salted nuts is absolutely tempting and satisfies my sweet tooth every time. I figured it would be super easy to recreate at home and this is the recipe I came up with! It takes about 5 minutes to prepare, and it has been the best afternoon snack all week long!


How should you snack?

Let me make it clear that I am not here to tell you how to snack, what to buy, or what to consume. I think it’s important to figure out what you like, what you need, and what works for your lifestyle! I pack snacks for work, studying, traveling, adventuring, or even resting in my own home. This list is certainly not complete, but gives a general idea of the easy, healthy snacks I consume on an everyday basis. I hope you find it helpful!