Affordable, Thoughtful Gift Ideas

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PART 2: 

Gift ideas for the Acts of Service  Love Language.

Here's a few ideas for people who feel loved & known by acts of service!

50+ Gift Ideas

Set up a time to drop off a freshly made meal for them!

Cook a meal

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Clean their house 

Organize their pantry

Clean their entire home, a room, or gift cleaning services!

Clean & organize the food in their pantry or cabinets. 

Every parent will appreciate you taking a night to watch their kids.

Babysit their kids 

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Coffee  Delivery

Send them a surprise coffee or treat!

Gift card to restaurant

Give them a gift card for their favorite place to eat. 

Car Maintenance

Open Hands

Gift them the service of changing oil, washing and vacuuming, and cleaning their car.

Make a coupon to offer your time and services to someone. Offer services like babysitting, cleaning, etc.

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