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Love Language Gift Guide

If you're familiar with the 5 love languages, you probably know that one of them is all about gifts. Specifically, it's about receiving gifts. Love language gifts.

Maybe that's the language that you're most fluent in—or maybe you don't quite get it—but it's definitely a big part of how certain people express and feel love.

This is a pinterest pin for the love language gift guide. There are 50+ ideas for gift ideas based on love languages.

Whether it's a defining part of your personality or not, everyone loves a thoughtful present chosen with them specially in mind.

This post is designed for all of the love languages. It's a big list of love language gifts.

If you get gifts around the holidays, this can help you pick something that really speaks to your loved ones. It's just as good for any time of year, though, when you want to get something for someone you care about.

Looking for the best gift?

The gifts that are the “best” are the ones that make someone feel seen, known, and loved. 

Instead of money, these gifts typically rely on intention. They require you to think about the person you’re getting a gift for. How do they receive love? These gifts usually require your time, words, and service. 

To figure out what to gift, you’ll first want to figure out the person’s love language. If you know the person well, you should be able to take a guess as to what they might like. 

What are the 5 love languages?

Love languages are the idea that people with varying personalities receive and give love in different ways. There’s so much research on love languages and I’d recommend you learn about how you and your loved ones give and receive love! 

The 5 love languages:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Quality Time 
  • Physical Touch 
  • Acts of Service
  • Receiving Gifts

Why do love languages matter?

By knowing a person’s love language, we are able to love them better. We are able to give them intentional gifts that make them feel loved. The goal here is to gift in a way that makes a person feel seen, known, and loved. 

These love language gifts typically use your time, thought, and love, rather than money. 

Affordable Gift Ideas

This gift guide is filled with affordable gift ideas. Most of these gift ideas are free, low cost, or homemade. They will require your time, intention, and love. 

Words of Affirmation Love Language Gifts

These people want you to use words to affirm them. What words or what avenue of words will speak to them? What will make them feel seen, known, and loved?

Collection of “Letters for ___” or “Read when ____”

Get a stack of envelopes, notecards, or a journal and write several "read when ___" or "letters for ___".

A few examples:

  • .... miss me
  • .... you're mad at me
  • .... you're feeling down
  • .... you need to laugh
  • .... you need a pep talk

To keep them all together, you can punch holes into notecards and put them all on a key ring. Or put all of the letters in a stack of envelopes. Here's a post full of ideas.

This is a picture of a "read when...." gift. There are laminated notecards with notecards and pictures, all held together by a clip.
A stack of "Read when..." notecards & pictures laminated that I gave my boyfriend (now husband) when we were wilderness guides and didn't see each other much one summer.
These are "Open when..." envelopes. There is a stack of blue envelopes with "open when..." phrases on them, clipped together with a binder clip.
A stack of "Open when..." envelopes my best friend wrote for me during college.

Jar filled with slips of paper of reasons why you love them 

Find an empty mason jar and fill it with slips of paper. Each piece of paper should have a reason of why you love them. It could also be a word of encouragement or quote you think they would love.

Photo book of favorite memories 

Collect several pictures of memories with this person. Print them and put them into a book. Add written memories from you for an extra special touch.

Websites like chatbook or shutterfly usually run promotions for making picture books.

A bracelet with important word on it

Make or purchase a bracelet with an important word on it. It could be the name of a person, a word that encourages them, or a word they are striving for.

Having a word on a bracelet will be a constant reminder for them.

If you have a budget, here are some cute ones on Etsy to give you inspiration.

Curated book list (bonus to include one of the books!)

Make a list of books they would enjoy reading. You could get a recommendation from people that love them or do research online.

To start, give them a book from the list with a letter from you on the cover.

Printed quote to encourage them

Find a quote that will encourage or empower them. Print it, write it, or find some way to display for them.

Affirmation or encouragement jar

Find an empty mason jar. On slips of paper, write several words of encouragement to this person. Examples include:

  • You work so hard on ____
  • You show bravery when ____
  • You're incredible because ____

Here's some Pinterest ideas to inspire you.

Curated podcast list 

Make a list of podcast shows or episodes they might like. Ask their loved ones, research online, and give them a list of shows to listen to.

Printed photos with memories written on the back 

Instead of making a photo book, simply print a bunch of favorite photos. These could be photos of you and the person together, people they love, or special moments. Write memories on the back of each photo.

Note: Walgreens always has sales for printing photos and has a quick turnaround time!

A love poem

Take the time to write a poem for your person! You could read is out loud to them or record it as a memo on their phone for them to hear it as well.

Personalized playlist

Got Spotify? Make a personalized playlist of songs for them! Research artists they love and make suggestions for who they might like.

Other ideas would be to make the playlist filled with songs that remind you of them. Or songs they could listen to when they're sad, need to be encouraged, etc.

A journal with prompts or questions

Get a blank journal. Open the journal and fill it with a few questions or prompts you want them to answer. This could be a journal you trade back and forth with that person or for them to use.

Acts of Service Love Language Gifts

These love language gifts are all about actions. What can you take off their plate? Is there something you could take care of that might free up some time for them to relax?

Cook a meal (& give them options)

Plan to cook this person a meal! Initiate planning this and help them figure out the meal and time. Offer a few dates and meal options and let them pick.

  • Example: "Can I bring you dinner Monday or Tuesday? Would you like Mexican, Italian, or American?"

This could look like cooking in their house, having the meal with them, or dropping off a meal.

If you're looking for an easy recipe, I highly suggest browsing here.

Clean their house

This one will take some serious time and energy on your part, but offer to clean their house! It doesn't have to be the entire house, but maybe the kitchen, living room, or garage.

If you're able to spend money, paying for professional cleaning services could be another option!

Babysit their kids

After talking to several parents, this is always at the top of the list! You could offer a few hours or a monthly babysitting service for them. It is helpful for you to initiate a time with them.

  • Example: "Hey! I could babysit any Friday in this upcoming month if you want to go on a date!"

Provide car maintenance 

There are several people out there that could benefit from not having to worry about this. Gift them the service of changing oil, washing and vacuuming, and cleaning their car.

Organize and clean their closets or pantry

Similar to cleaning their house, organizing a room, closet, or pantry can be a really helpful gift! If you're looking for organization inspiration, find a Youtube video, get a few baskets, and start cleaning.

Coupon Book (babysitting coupons, cooking coupons, cleaning coupons, etc.) (help them plan a time to cash in their coupons)

Making a coupon book can be SUPER valuable! It's you offering your time and services to someone. You can make the coupons whatever you want, but help them cash in their coupons by offering up times for them to use them.

Here are some awesome coupon book ideas.

Coffee or treat delivery

Drop off the person's favorite coffee drink and bakery item. Surprise them at home, work, or whenever. You could also Venmo them this to do it themselves.

Gift card to their favorite restaurant 

Send them a gift card to their favorite restaurant or Venmo them to go out one night. You could also take them yourself or babysit their kids while they go. Help them figure out a time to make this happen.

Quality Time Love Language Gifts

These people want you to spend time with them. What does the person like to do? How can you spend meaningful time with them? Is there a way to make time with them intentional? Is it one on one quality time or a time with a group of people?

Take them on a camping trip

If this person loves adventures and the outdoors, take them on a camping trip! Let them pick a new place or give them options for where you could go. Initiate all of the logistics for making this trip happen.

If both of you have never been camping, here's a list of what to pack for your trip!

Surprise adventure or “choose your own adventure” 

If your person loves surprises, plan an adventure for them! Just tell them when to be ready and what they need. You can have an entire adventure planned like a picnic, kayaking, eating out, etc.

If your person wants to be involved with the decision, give them a "choose your own adventure" day. Make a list of a couple of options for what to do and let them pick as they day goes on!

This is a picture of an outdoor adventure day. There is a kayak next to a river with a little orange and grey tent next to it.

Make a date jar 

Find an empty mason jar. Fill it with slips or paper or popsicle sticks of date ideas. This can help avoid the "What should we do tonight" conversation on the next date night.

Come up with a mix of at-home and night-out date ideas!

Get some inspiration from Etsy and Pinterest.

Create a scavenger hunt 

If your person loves adventures and riddles, create a scavenger hunt for them! You can make it as easy or difficult as desired.

Here's a printable scavenger hunt idea for date night.

Plan a game time

Does your person love outdoor games like frisbee, softball, or soccer? Do they like board games or card games? Whatever their preference, plan a game time with them and their friends for them to enjoy.

Take them on a picnic date

Make a meal, pack some favorite snacks, or pick up takeout from a local restaurant. Head to a nearby park with a picnic blanket, maybe a bottle of wine, and enjoy a meal together!

Hike in a new place together 

Does your person love going on hikes? Use the Alltrails app to find a new hike nearby. Pack some snacks and get outside together!

This is a picture of a male and female at glacier national park. They are leaning against each other, smiling, standing next to a flowing river on some rocks.
Hiking in Glacier National Park

Take a trip together

Do you both love to explore? Take a trip together! This could be to a bucket-list city, small town, cabin in the woods, or even National Park. Exploring and spending time together in new places is a great way to build memories together.

This is a picture of a male and female at the top of Angel's Landing in Zion National Park. They are both wearing hate and puffy coats with the beautiful canyons behind them.
For work, but we guided a trip out West together. This is us at Angel's Landing in Zion National Park!

Plan a photoshoot 

Having special photos taken together could be a really meaningful gift. This could be a couples or family photoshoot.

  • Example 1: One year for Christmas my siblings and I booked a photoshoot for my mom & the entire family, including all kids, parents, and grandparents. (Photos by Cassie Smith, based in Denver, CO)
  • Example 2: Alan and I planned a photoshoot right before we changed jobs and moved across the country. The photos were so, so special and help us remember that sweet season of life. (Photos by Brooke Grinsell, based in Texas)

Bonus: Get a few of the pictures printed and framed after the photo shoot!

This is a picture of a female and male leaning against each other. The male is kissing the female's head and the female is wrapped around the male's arm. They are in Texas in front of a bunch of brush.

Choose a craft you can make together

Find a craft online and make something together. You could make a whole date out of it by going to the store, finding supplies, and learning how to make the craft together.

Example ideas:

Find a concert

Search your area to find a free local concert! There's probably a few options at restaurants, community colleges, schools, parks, etc.

If you have a budget, you could go to the local symphony or purchase tickets to someone touring in your area.

Visit a museum together 

If your person loves to learn, take them to a local museum!

Go fishing together 

Pack up some fishing poles, bait, and lunch to take with your person on an adventure fishing date.

Attend a sports game together

Do you have a competitive sports fanatic in your life? Get tickets to a local game you can attend together.

Train for a race together 

If you're looking for a long-term commitment with a person, pick a race to sign up for and train together! Working out with each other and completing the race together can be a really great way to spend time together and create a special memory.

Physical Touch Love Language Gifts 

These people feel loved with appropriate physical touch. These love language gifts can help you ask the questions: what ways can you help your partner feel seen and safe? How can you be physically close to this person in a way they enjoy? 

Give them a massage 

If your person might benefit from a massage, give them one! You can learn how to give a basic massage on YouTube.

If you have some extra money in your budget, you could pay for a professional massage.

Plan a spa self care time for them

Plan a self care time for your person! It could include drawing them a bath with a bath bomb, giving them a manicure or pedicure, or whatever spa self care time they might enjoy.

If you have some extra money in your budget, you could get them a spa appointment or manicure at a local salon.

Attend a dance class 

It could be fun to learn how to dance together! Sign up for a class or learn on YouTube. If you both already know how to dance, spend the evening at a dance club practicing your skills.

Bake a treat together 

Get into the kitchen and bake a treat together! It could be cookies, cake, or whatever you both want to share together. If you need some inspiration, watch a baking show on Netflix!

Play sports together

Does your person love playing sports? Plan a time to play sports together. Join a team or club together, or just plan a time for a bunch of family or friends to meet up and play.

Cook a meal together 

Find a recipe online, shop for ingredients, and spend the evening cooking together. You can even dress up fancy, light some candles, and enjoy a nice meal together in your home.

Attend a pottery class 

Does your person like to learn new creative skills? Find a local ceramics studio and attend a pottery class together.

Play twister

A game of Twister can not only bring up childhood nostalgia, but also be a fun game to play with your significant other.

Go for a walk and hold hands

This one is so simple, yet important! Initiate a walk with your person, and hold their hand the whole time. Spice it up by going on a walk at a new park!

Gift a piece of jewelry 

While this isn't necessarily the same type of "physical touch" as a massage, it's the physical act of feeling a piece of jewelry. Your person feeling a piece of jewelry throughout their day can be a reminder of your love for them.

Go sledding, skiing, or ice skating 

These are fun outdoor activities you can do together if there's some snow on the ground! Bundle up and have some fun outside!

Watch a movie & cuddle

This is another simple activity that can be meaningful. Press play on the person's favorite movie (or one they have been wanting to see), get cozy under some blankets, and enjoy the night together.

Couples yoga

This practice lets two people connect together through stretching, yoga moves, and communication. It can really bond two people together!

Follow along with a YouTube video or find a local yoga studio.

Gift Receiving Love Language Gifts

Receiving a heartfelt gift will make these people feel so loved! It’s less about the actual gift and more about the thought behind it. A gift should express you know, see, and love this person. Think about an experience you can give. 

Sign them up for a class (art, dance, cooking, something they will enjoy)

Does your person like to learn new skills? Sign them up for some sort of interactive class! This can be a great way for them to learn, meet new people, and have fun. A few ideas:

  • Art class
  • Cooking class
  • Musical instrument lessons
  • Pottery class
  • Dance class

Bonus points if you sign up to take the class with them!

Send them their favorite snack or treat

This can be as simple as surprising them with their favorite snack or treat. Drop it off at their house, ship it to their work, or Venmo them to pick it up themselves.

Personal homemade ornament

Making a homemade ornament is a fun tradition to start. Craft something that is significant or that can help you remember that year.

Here's a list of 71 DIY ornaments to get some ideas.

12 days of gifts with something small everyday (pick from any and all ideas, but they will feel so showered by love of this is their language!)

If your person loves gifts, plan a "12 days of gifts" challenge. This act of gifting small gifts everyday can mean so much! The small gifts can be letters, coffee, candles, chocolate, jewelry, flowers, or whatever small things they might love.

You could deliver by:

  • Wrapping everything into packages ahead of time
  • Surprising them every day with something

Framed picture or piece of art

Print a picture or piece of art your person would love. Take the step of framing it so that it's ready to be displayed! They can then hang it in their home, bring it to their office, or place is somewhere meaningful to them.

Give them a plant (or one of your plant babies)

If you have a plant person in your life, they will love a new plant. You can purchase a new plant from a local nursery or flower shop OR gift them cuttings from one of your growing plants.

If you have someone who wants to get into plants but doesn't have the greenest of thumbs, here's a list of house plants that are hard to kill.

“Mason jar” gifts

Did you know there are hundreds of things you can put into a mason jar for a gift? There's so many themed jars that are awesome gift ideas for people! Here's a list of 50+ ideas.

A few of my favorites:

  • Recipe with ingredients inside
  • Coffee lovers jar (instant coffee packets, coffee gift card)
  • Homemade candles
  • Gift card snow globe

Make them your favorite recipe

If you enjoy cooking, make them your favorite recipe. Find a time to either cook it for them in their kitchen or deliver it to their doorstep! If you need some easy recipes, I got you covered.

Give them a photoshoot

Setting up a photoshoot is an awesome gift idea for someone who loves memories. This can be as simple as asking a friend to take pictures for you at the park. Or you can schedule a professional!

To go above and beyond, print and frame a picture from the photoshoot.

Plan a trip together

If your person loves to explore and travel, plan a trip together! Work together to pick a place, find a place to stay, and plan the itinerary. This is a great mix of spending time together and making new memories.

This is a pinterest pin for the love language gift guide. There are 50+ ideas for gift ideas based on love languages.


Saturday 4th of December 2021

This is an amazing list you put together and I will definitely be coming back to this in the future. It also finally gave me the inspiration I needed for gift ideas for my Grandma and Yiayia!! They don't "need" anything of course. I will be visiting them for Christmas, but don't live locally so I can't necessarily offer to cook a meal at a later time. So instead, I am going to prep some freezer friendly meals and give them individual serving sizes. THANK YOU for all the thought and detail that went into this guide! :)


Friday 26th of November 2021

I’m always trying to think of creative gifts but sometimes I fall short. This guide is very thoughtful, creative, and and good for beyond the holidays!! Thank you for re-centering us on what is important - family and friends!

Lisa Helm

Friday 19th of November 2021

Thank you for your time on this one, really great ideas and great way to think about the people you want to get something for <3


Tuesday 16th of November 2021

What a great idea!! I must be “Acts of Service” because I would love every single one of those. It’s also a nice change from material things. Well done!


Tuesday 16th of November 2021

So many great ideas on here! I love giving meaningful gifts, and meaningful does not have to equal expensive. They are simply thoughtful. My love language is predominantly acts of service. One year my husband gifted me Kombucha. He knew how much I loved it and how I wanted to learn how to make it myself so I could save money, but that I was feeling overwhelmed by learning it because in the season of life I was in it felt SO BIG. He bought all of the supplies to make it, hunted down a source for an organic SCOBY, read tons of how-to blogs and watched a lot of youtube videos to learn how to make it, and made me Kombucha. And this was not a one time gig, he made it again, and again, and again. He only stopped because we both entered into a busy life season and I encouraged him to stop for the time being. One of my most favorite gifts ever.