Affordable, Thoughtful Gift Ideas

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PART 5: 

Gifts ideas for  the Gifts Love Language.

Here's a few ideas for people who feel loved & known by receiving gifts!

50+ Gift Ideas

Sign up for an interactive class like dancing, cooking, pottery, or art!

Sign them up for a class

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Send them a baked treat

Personal homemade ornament 

Surprise them or send them their favorite baked treat!

Craft an ornament with significance to gift them.

Plan a "12 days of gifts" challenge and wrap a small gift for 12 days in a row! Ideas are candles, chocolates, coffee, flowers, etc. 

12 Days of Gifts

Cook for them

Open Hands

Make them your favorite recipe! Elevate the experience with drinks, candles, and music. 

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Framed picture or art

Print a picture or piece of art they would love!

Mason jar gift

Make a "mason jar gift" with ingredients, date ideas, candles, or another creative idea. 

Setting up a photo shoot is a great idea for someone who loves memories! Bonus if you print the pictures from the shoot.  

Gift them a photoshoot 

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