Affordable, Thoughtful Gift Ideas

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PART 4: 

Gifts ideas for the Physical Touch Love Language.

Here's a few ideas for people who feel loved & known by appropriate physical touch!

50+ Gift Ideas

Sign up for classes together or learn from a YouTube video! Plan a date out to practice your new skills. 

Attend a dance class

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Give them a massage 

Plan a spa self-care time 

Watch a tutorial on YouTube or pay for a full experience!

Plan a full spa day with nails, facials, and the works! You can even DIY the gift at home.

Does your person love playing sports? Plan a time to workout or play spots together!

Play sports together

Cook a meal together 

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Find a recipe online, shop for ingredients, & spend the evening cooking a nice meal together!

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Attend a pottery class

Find a local ceramics studio & attend a class together!

Gift a piece of jewelry 

The jewelry is a physical reminder of you worn all day. 

This is such a simple activity than can be a meaningful cozy night in!

Watch a movie & cuddle

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