Master Meal Prep with These Free Resources!

Meal prep can help you meet health goals & prepare for a busy week.  But where to start?

Here are some free resources you can use!

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Weekly Meal Plan Template 

A free, printable weekly meal plan template to schedule meals. 



Pinterest is a free search engine filled with meals, recipes, tips and more!


A free app to log meals and foods, especially helpful for diets & nutrition tracking. 

Youtube Videos

Watch videos to learn new cooking skills, meal prep tutorials, and how to make new recipes. 


Social Media

Instagram is filled with food bloggers who regularly share meal prep ideas. There are Facebook groups you can join as well!


Free Meal Plans

Print a free meal plan so you have a guide for what to meal prep for the week. 

Google Search

Never underestimate the power of a Google search! "Meal Plans" or "Meal Prep Recipes" will get you far!


Benefits of Meal Prep

Whether you spend 20 minutes or 2 hours preparing for the week, any time counts!

Free Meal Prep Resources

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Meal Prep for Beginners

Meal Prep Template

Benefits of Meal Prep

I share easy, healthy recipes for busy people. Let me show you how healthy meals can be affordable AND delicious!