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Easy, healthy recipes for busy people.

Welcome to Jordo's World! If you look around, you'll find recipes for people who want to spend less time in the kitchen. Meal prep recipes, guides, and resources abound. When you want something simple, easy, and sure to be a a hit, take a trip to Jordo's World!

Trending Recipes

These recipes have been blowing up on the blog over the past few weeks. It's probably because these popular meal ideas are quick, easy, and super simple.

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Meal Prep Friendly Recipes

For a recipe to be good for meal-prep, it's gotta be simple, scalable, and super tasty. Make these once at the beginning of the week and treat yourself and your family for days!

Breakfast Recipes

Most important meal? No matter what you think about that, these breakfast recipes are going to kickstart your day with health, nutrition, and flavor. Can't beat that!

About Jordo

Jordo makes easy, healthy recipes for busy people. She also does triathlons, guides backpacking trips, and just generally has a good time.

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High-Protein Recipes

Protein is an all-important component of your nutrition plan. Check out some of these higher-protein recipes to make sure you get what you need!

Recipes by Course

Need to find that killer dinner? Or a snack to keep you going? Browse recipes by course below:


Recipes aren't the only thing in life... check out some of these other posts!