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Meet Jordo

Jordo and Jordo's World

Hi, I'm Jordan, but you can call me Jordo. I started Jordo's World to share some of my interests and hobbies with friends, but it's grown into a space for quick, easy recipes to help people find success in making healthy food for their friends and families.

I'm making quick and easy recipes for busy people who want to spend more time out of the kitchen.

Cooking your own food can be exciting, but it's easy to be intimidated about doing it day after day, week after week. How do you manage the desire to eat healthy food with the need for good flavor and time-saving recipes? There's no perfect way, but that's what I'm trying to do here at Jordo's World.

What You'll Find Here

My main focus is making new recipes and sharing them with you. You can help by making them and sharing them when you can. Most of the content on Jordo's World is about food.

I also share about some of my other adventures; I especially like to keep people updated on cool trips and athletic pursuits. Whatever you're here for, I hope you find something that serves you and makes life just a little bit better. Be in touch!

- Jordo

Interested in Working Together?

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Services Offered

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