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Free Meal Plan Generator

Wishing for a way to get a meal plan customized for you? This is the free meal plan generator of your dreams.

Free Meal Plans

In need of a meal plan that's made to fit you? Friend, you've come to the right place. Keep reading to find out how to get a free meal plan perfectly suited to your needs.

How can I make my own meal plan?

Using this free meal plan generator, of course!

There are plenty of free meal plans out there, but how many of them allow you to customize based on your exact needs and preferences, swap out meals you don't like, and add your favorite recipes into the mix? Answer: not as many. And those features are just the beginning.

More generally, making a meal plan not always as easy as picking your favorite foods and heading to the grocery store. You've got all kinds of factors to consider: dietary restrictions, lifestyle considerations, exercise goals—the list goes on.

Not to mention convenience and practicality. A beautiful meal plan doesn't do you any good if you won't actually go and try to stick to it. Obviously, having a full-time private chef would be the easiest way to make a plan happen, but few have the resources for such a thing. We're our own private chefs!

Intimidated yet? It's understandable. But the benefits are pretty amazing.

Benefits of a meal plan

Accountability. Whether you can state them or not, you've got goals related to eating. Some are simple: cook more at home or eat more vegetables. Some are more complex: fuel my marathon training, for example, or reduce my sodium intake. Having a meal plan ensures you're on track from the beginning.

Affordability. It's Wednesday and you're already wondering what to make for dinner. What did you get to go with those sweet potatoes again? You'd make pasta, but there's no sauce. Easier just to order in, right? There's nothing wrong with restaurant eating—at all!—but the bills can start to add up. Going to the store with a meal plan (and a convenient grocery list ;)) sets you up for dietary and financial success in the week. Post your plan on the fridge and you'll always know what to look forward to!

Attainability. Perhaps you've seen people meal prep and you want to give it a try. Or you're just trying to be more organized when it comes to eating. A good meal plan brings these things within your reach. I hope this free meal plan generator gives you a head start on your meal planning journey!

Meal Plan Generator

This free meal plan generator takes your personal goals and needs (calories, macros, dietary restrictions) and gives you a guide to a full week of eating, complete with a grocery list so you can put it into action. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions for any troubleshooting you need to do.

Thank you to Prospre for providing a custom version their free meal plan generator for us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why didn't I get a meal plan?

If you filled out all of the information and you're still not getting a meal plan, there are a couple of things you can try.

  • Hit generate again. Sometimes it fails on the first try!
  • If you've selected specific recipes you want to include, try using different recipes and running it again.
  • Increase your calorie count (a higher ceiling gives the generator more to work with) or rebalance your macros if anything is extremely high or low.
  • Try the Prospre app for the full meal plan experience (more on that below).

What are my macros?

Macros, or macronutrients, are the building blocks of any nutrition plan. Fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are the three macronutrients people reference when they talk about "macros." If you have an idea of your calorie intake and your macro levels, you have a pretty darn good idea of how to structure your meal plan!

Use the macro calculator linked linked in the generator to find an estimate of your macro breakdown. Your calorie intake is heavily dependent on your lifestyle. I'm not a healthcare professional or in a good place to tell you how much to eat; here's a resource for some general calorie guidelines from the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

How do I get more options?

After using this plan, you might find yourself wanting more features:

  • Increased flexibility on number of meals per day
  • The ability to add your own recipes
  • Swapping specific ingredients or parts of meals
  • Fitting in treats while sticking to your nutrition goals
  • Saving each meal plan to your phone for easy access

Here's the great news: Prospre has all of that and more! I wrote a post detailing what I love about the app and why I think you should try it. Prospre is free to use, but I have a link for a no-strings-attached 1-month trial of Prospre Pro, which includes all of the features you could ever want.

Submit your feedback

If there's something else going on, or you just want to give your suggestions, please share your feedback here!

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