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Building Community in Wilderness Adventures with TrovaTrip

Outdoor adventure supports my mental health with the beauty of nature, friends, and new experiences. Let me tell you a little bit about my life-changing travels with TrovaTrip as a Content Creator!

Key Takeaways:

Outdoor adventure: a constant companion

Exploring the outdoors is recognized as a way to promote physical health. If you start to do enough trekking, hiking, climbing, you might notice your body adapting in a positive way. You’ll get stronger and be able to do the same things with more ease. 

But what about mental health? 

As a former full-time outdoor professional, I’ve had the privilege of spending a lot of time outside, both solo and with companions. Since I’ve moved into the new industry of content creation—one with a lot of time on social media—I’ve realized the need to continue making time to travel and explore the outdoors with other people. 

While time on social media networks can provide a useful way to connect to people, keep on top of current events, and learn new things, it can also be a real drain on mental health. Honestly, the more I feel the need to be connected, the more I realize just how much I can benefit from time away. 

This is a picture of girls hiking on the Storm Point Trail. There's tall trees and grass surrounding the single-track trail.
Storm Point Trail

A review of what TrovaTrip does for me

Without the resources available to me in my full-time job as a wilderness guide, I didn’t know whether I’d get the chance again to lead trips and explore the outdoors with others in a professional context. 

Thankfully, TrovaTrip (a group travel planning and booking platform for Content Creators) makes it possible for me to work alongside travel experts and choose from stunning itineraries intentionally designed to highlight the best each destination has to offer while providing just the right amount of challenge for each group to thrive. 

Every trip provides a new opportunity to forge meaningful relationships with others, the benefits of which extend far beyond our journeys home. You can read all about my adventures to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons here!

Or, if you want to host your own trip, learn about how hosting with TrovaTrip works.

How to improve mental health with outdoor adventure

On the adventures I’ve had with TrovaTrip over the past year I get to hear a lot about what makes the time so special. Over and over, my travel companions speak of overcoming challenges together and demonstrating self-efficacy in ways they didn’t know were possible. 

Wait… I thought we were talking about a nice relaxing time outside!

Trust me—we are! But just as individuals contain multitudes of their own, outdoor adventure is rarely a one-hit wonder. The most blissful, serene environment can allow you to rest and recharge in one moment while challenging you to push your limits on a trekking journey all the same. For me, it’s the combination of getting away from the bustle of life while getting into some serious fun. 

The multifaceted beauty of nature means the same trip might provide a retreat and a real challenge all in one. It’s no wonder the outdoors offer so much for mental health. It’s what keeps me coming back, to be sure, but I’m not the only one.

Individual and community growth with hiking trips for women

Each group trip is a new possible answer to the question: what if we took the risk to put ourselves out there, to head to a totally new place and undertake a challenge together? 

Each time the “we” changes, the environment is different, and the nature of the challenge can vary a lot. The fact remains that it is something of a risk to do this, but one that pays off in so many ways. 

One reason I’m grateful for these trips is how they can act as a gateway to a lifelong love of the outdoors. For at least a dozen ladies who came along last year, our adventure was their first time camping or staying overnight outside. I can’t tell you how much joy I’ve gotten from texts about signing up for another trip or even going out exploring on their own. 

Whether we’re traveling dozens, hundreds, or thousands of miles, we’re taking time away from what is familiar to us. Sometimes even just getting where we’re going is a big adventure, and the group already has a shared experience that comes from just clearing space on the calendar and making it through a long flight. 

Doing all of this takes trusting others, which in turn means we must trust ourselves. 

I’m fortunate to be working with TrovaTrip for these adventures, as their partner operators are experts in each locale. Plus, their local Guides know all the trails and have the necessary certifications which means, as Hosts, we just get to show up and enjoy the journey. Because of this, we don’t have to worry about getting lost in the middle of nowhere or being unprepared for what’s going to come our way. We get to focus on being present in the moment and with each other. 

How to plan an adventure with TrovaTrip

In getting to reflect on the trips I’ve taken and the wonderful things they’ve provided to me and my friends, I’m grateful to be able to do this at all. Not everyone gets the opportunity to travel with others and take time for ourselves and our health. 

You might be interested in joining me on an upcoming trip—you can see what’s coming down the pike here. I encourage you to take the risk and nab an open spot!

Maybe you’ve got something bigger in mind and want to host your own trip with TrovaTrip. I can’t say enough in praise of how they operate and how they’ve connected me to incredible experiences: get in touch with Trova and make it happen. You’ll be so glad you did. 

This is a group of girls at Artist Point in Yellowstone National Park. There are canyons and a big waterfall behind them.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with TrovaTrip. All reviews and opinions expressed here are based on my personal view.