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Christmas Bucket List

Wanting to really get into the holiday spirit this year? This Christmas Bucket List has you covered for all of your holly jolly activity needs!

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Why a Christmas bucket list?

The Christmas season can come and go before you know it. If you're anything like me, you've had thoughts like Next Christmas I want to __________ (fill in the blank with any festive activity you couldn't quite squeeze into your schedule.

The key to actually taking advantage of the time is getting a head start! Like Santa, we're making a list and checking to make sure it's full of holiday activities to help us celebrate all month long!

Screenshot this list and tag me on social media as you work your way through! I'm on Instagram and Facebook most.

1. Bake Christmas cookies 

There's something special about baking cookies at Christmas time that is far more exciting than the rest of the year. It's so fun to bake with family and friends, and then make special cookie deliveries to loved ones.

Here is a roundup of Food Network's best 100 holiday cookies!

2. Watch a Christmas movie

The options for Christmas movies are endless! From cartoons (like A Charlie Brown Christmas) to older classics (like White Christmas) to newer hits (like Elf), truly you will be able to find something to enjoy.

There are a few movies I love to watch every single year, including Elf, the Grinch, and of course, a few cheesy Netflix and Hallmark exclusives.

Here is a round of the Rotten Tomato's Best Christmas Movies of All Time.

3. Look at Christmas lights 

Loading up a car, grabbing some hot chocolate, and driving through a Christmas light display will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit! Search your local area for drive-thru or walk-thru light displays.

If you're located in St. Louis, here's a roundup for all the St. Louis Christmas lights & activities.

4. Donate gifts to local shelter

In a season that's surrounded by giving, it's important to give to our communities. Find a local shelter and see if there's a way to give back. Whether it's through time, serving, or dropping of goods, there will be a way to give back.

5. Sing a Christmas carol 

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear" - Elf.

I'm listening to one of the most spirited elf I know for this one! It doesn't matter what the song is, but sing it out loud with the people around you. Whether it's belting Mariah Carey while you're decorating your home or going to your neighbors and caroling a classic, definitely add this to your list!

If you don't like singing, opt for an instrument! I play a few Christmas concerts on my violin every year and it's the most fun.

6. Make a cup of hot cocoa 

No Christmas Bucket List is complete without this warm drink! A cup of hot cocoa would go perfect with your Christmas cookies and movie! This homemade hot cocoa looks delish!

If you want something extra yummy (and nutritious to boot!), try my protein hot chocolate recipe.

7. Bake a new Christmas treat 

While Christmas cookies are a must, it's also really fun to bake a NEW Christmas treat. Find a recipe of something you've never made before and go for it!

Think homemade cinnamon rolls, pie, spiked egg nog, etc.

8. Take a Christmas photo 

Put on your favorite holiday sweater and snap a picture to remember the holidays this year! Another option would be to go take a picture with Santa somewhere.

9. Send a Christmas card

If you love your Christmas photo (with or without Santa), send it out to friends and family! If you don't want to send a photo, find a cute card and write a note to mail away.

10. Decorate a Christmas tree

Whether you like artificial, real, big or small trees, it absolutely makes your home festive and cozy. I don't strive for this, but here's an article on how to decorate your tree like a professional if you want to step up your game this year.

11. Listen to Christmas music 

Several of you have probably been doing this for weeks! If you have yet to start, tune into a Christmas playlist and listen to the talented voices give you holiday spirit.

Music options:

12. Read Twas the Night Before Christmas

"Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse"

I don't have the entire story memorized, but at least the beginning! It's a fun tradition to read this the night of Christmas Eve. If you don't have the book, listen to the story here.

13. Go ice skating 

This is such a great winter activity! It's already cold outside so it won't take extra effort to bundle up and put some skates on.

Depending on where you live, there might be an outdoor ice rink nearby! And if that's the case, I would definitely recommend that as an option.

14. Build a snowman

Has it snowed where you live? Will you have a white Christmas? As soon as you're able, bundle up and build a big snowman! Button eyes, carrot nose, and all.

15. Go sledding 

This one will only apply to a few of you... but if there's snow on the ground, bundle up, find something that slides, and make your way down a big hill!

16. Build a gingerbread house 

What's the best part about building a gingerbread house? Admiring your creation when you're finished? Or eating the ingredients that you use for building?

(For me it's the candy!! I need to taste test to make sure my house is built with the best supplies, right?)

17. Go to a Christmas Eve church service 

Most churches have a Christmas Eve service and they are beautiful. We love to go to the midnight services with hymns and candles. This is what reminds us the true meaning of the season!

18. Read the birth of Jesus

We love reading the birth of Jesus to posture of hearts as we go throughout the season of Christmas. We love the lights, movies, and activities, but the birth of Jesus is the reason for all of this!

Read the story here: Luke 2:1-20

Did you try any items on this Christmas Bucket List? Let me know in the comments, or hit me up on Instagram.

This is the pintrest pin for Christmas Bucket List. There are 12 circle icons with descriptions underneath for each bucket list item
This is the Christmas Bucket List pintrest pin. There is a list of 18 different activities and checkboxes