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Madeline Moves Workouts

Here's my honest review about Madeline Moves workouts, along with a couple of frequently asked questions about the program.

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Why Madeline Moves workouts?

I've consistently completed Madeline Moves workouts for about 4 years now. The amount of workouts has changed as my fitness goals have changed, but there's always been a place for these moves in my day.

Over the past 4 years I've trained for several half marathons, a marathon, and a few triathlons. While training for these races, I've continued with these workouts because they help me build muscle and strength for endurance and to be a better athlete.

When I'm not training for a race, Madeline's workouts are my focus. I really focus on pushing myself and enjoy the strength built through these workouts.

While there are a lot of physical benefits that come from doing these workouts, and personally I have met physical goals from doing these workouts, there are other benefits as well.

I notice I am a better wife, friend, and citizen, and am able ton love and serve better after these workouts. I don't think it's a stretch to say that doing these workouts every day helps me mentally and emotionally, along with physically.

Every day, I show up ready to push myself. Some days I do more than others, but it's the consistent, long-term sustainable growth I'm more interested in. I don't do these workouts for what I will look like today, but how I will feel in a few months and few years.

Building strength helps keep me strong and fit so I'm able to go on outdoor adventures, serve well, and live well with my loved ones.

I keep doing these workouts because they work for me. They're convenient, effective, and fun. Further, Madeline Custer is one of the best humans and I want to support her business as long as I'm able.

If you have specific questions or are interested in purchasing a program, visit the Moves by Madeline website.

What is Madeline Moves?

Madeline Moves are fitness programs created by Madeline Custer. Madeline Custer is one of the most genuine, authentic fitness instructors and friends you can find. As a student of physical education, she has become an expert in creating effective workouts for women in all walks of life.

The programs she creates can be accessed by an app or desktop. There are multiple program options, making it easy to find something that's a good fit for you in your fitness journey. Weekly Moves, 5 workouts that are updated weekly, is probably the most popular program. There are plans for beginner strength, strength moves, travel, and more.

Is Madeline Moves app worth it?

100%, yes. It's so valuable to have an app that supports your fitness goals. The app is conveniently accessible on your phone, updated weekly with new workouts, and has several helpful features.

There are videos to play if you're unsure how to do a certain move. There are warm ups, cool downs, ways to see weight progression and progress over time, along with timers.

The app just got a huge update December 2021 and is even better! There is a community tab, ways to share workouts, more videos, a cleaner interface, and some really thoughtful upgrades to make it a better user experience.

Is Madeline Moves app free?

The app itself is free to download, but you pay for the program you wish. A subscription to Weekly Moves workouts is $20/month or $200/year.

With the subscription to Weekly Moves workouts, you also receive the additional "Move Sweat Shred" 8 week program, "Beginner Moves" and "Strength" programs.

If you ever choose to unsubscribe, you still have access to the workouts you logged in the app.

What fitness level do you need for Madeline Moves?

The program options have something for everyone, no matter your fitness level. There's a Beginner Moves program for someone new to exercise and lifting.

The Weekly Moves Workouts (what I do consistently) is great for someone in an intermediate spot as this program is a bit more challenging. But if you're just starting out, I think committing to these workouts for a few months is the perfect way to get to it!

There's a new program, Strength Moves, that focuses on heavy lifting and progressive overload. I will be starting this program in February, after the January Tighter Together!

How does the Madeline Moves app work?

The Madeline Moves app has a library with 5 programs. In the app, you choose which "plan" or "program" you'd like to do. You are able to follow along the chosen plan, completing daily workouts as you progress through the program.

For each workout, you complete the indicated circuits and sets. Each workout has modifications, videos to demonstrate the move, and 30 minute workout options.

To understand the technicalities of working the app, I'd highly recommend watching the "App Preview" and "Moves App 2.0" highlights on Madeline's instagram. In the highlights she does a great job of showing how you're able to use the app.

Best tips for someone new to the app

A couple of thoughts about this:

  • Choose a plan and stick to it! It's rare you see immediate progress with sustainable workout programs. Pick a plan and complete the entire program, logging your weights, taking note of how you feel, and challenging yourself. After one program do another. Monitor your progress over a few months at a time, not necessarily day by day.
  • Engage in the community. There are thousands of people who use the Madeline Moves app. Several people post in the Facebook group (accessible when you subscribe) and post on Instagram. I follow several people who do the exact same workouts as me, which is extremely motivating!
  • Learn the technicalities. It'll be easier to stick to the app if you know how to use it. Before you start your workout, spend some time browsing the app, watching videos, logging weights, and making sure you understand how to use it. It might seem complicated at first, but I promise it gets easier to use!

How long have you been doing Madeline Moves workouts?

I have done Madeline's workouts for almost 4 years now. When I first started doing Madeline's workouts, I was really into long distance running. I realized I could be a better runner and athlete if I supplemented with some strength training.

I did 3-4 of her workouts a week while marathon training, triathlon training, and really just used the workouts as a way to build a little bit more strength.

2.5 years ago my focus really shifted to focusing more on building muscle and strength. A few times (on Instagram) before Madeline has shared about "building versus burning," so sort of this idea of building muscle instead of just burning a tun of calories. I shifted to doing all her workouts every week, and then supplementing with running, swimming, biking, or whatever activity sounded fun.

I still do her workouts today and don't intend to stop!

Can you shorten the workouts?

Yes. Every workout has a 30-minute option. On busy mornings or when traveling, I often choose the 30-minute option. It's still effective!

What is the difference between Weekly Moves and Tighter Together?

Weekly Moves are workouts updated weekly to the app. These are the workouts most people do year-round. Tighter Together is a challenge Madeline hosts that happens only a few times a year.

Tighter Together Challenge

This 30-day challenge will push you in big ways! Some view as a "push phase" or "restart" or even just "beginning", but however you view it, it's focused on developing habits that are long-term and sustainable.

There are challenging workouts, customized macros and a recipe guide (ft recipes by yours truly!!), and community support. So much work goes into this challenge and it truly shows in the value that is offered to you. For only $50 (or $30 if you already subscribe to Weekly Moves), you receive so much.

Read this blog post for all of the details on the challenge.

Are workouts new?

All of the workouts for Weekly Moves subscribes are updated weekly! Workouts feel fresh, challenging, and fun every single weekly.

The workouts for each Tighter Together challenge are also new! Each challenge is created by Madeline with intentionality and creativity.

What comes with the app membership?

A membership to the app gives you access to the workouts, programs, and community Facebook ground.

How do you mix Madeline Moves workouts with other workouts?

You can mix Madeline Moves workouts with other workouts or focus on them alone. I know people that strictly do Madeline's workouts only, and they love it and experience great results.

Typically, I supplement Madeline's workouts with other activities like running, biking, or swimming. I love to train for endurance races and use Madeline's workouts to keep me strong for these!

If I'm supplementing, I usually do 3-4 of Madeline's workouts per week, mixes with a 3-4 cardio endurance days. For example, if I'm focusing on running:

  • Monday - lower body day
  • Tuesday - upper body day + running
  • Wednesday - running
  • Thursday - back / check day + running
  • Friday - full body day
  • Saturday - running
  • Sunday - rest

This shifts depending on if I'm training for something. Really you have to figure out what works for you!

Is it better to do the workouts at home or the gym?

You can do these workouts at home or in the gym, whatever is best for you. I did these workouts in the gym for my first two years because I had a free gym pass. I went on my lunch break every day and it was the perfect amount of time for the workouts!

The past 2.5 years I have done these workouts from home. We have all of the necessary equipment (view what you need), and have had no issues with completing workouts from home. It's actually been really enjoyable and I love working out at home more than I thought I would.

When do you do the workouts?

I do these workouts first thing in the morning. If I'm working out, I try to start at 6 A.M. If I'm running that day, I'll either run right after or around lunch time. I workout first thing in the morning because I have the most energy and know I'm much more likely to do it then versus "do it later" which never works for me.

Do you have to count macros while you're doing the workouts?

Nope! You never have to count macros if you don't want to. Counting macros is only a tool to help you meet your goals, but you can still experience positive results and build muscles without doing so.

How long are the workouts?

Workouts are usually anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. You can always modify and do the 30-minute version, and go as slow or fast as you need.

Do the workouts save?

Yes, you can log and save the workouts. If you cancel your subscription, you won't have access to new workouts or plans, but you are still able to access your logged workouts. This gives you the option to repeat workouts you love.

How do you figure out how to do the new moves?

Each move has a corresponding video to show you how to do it. You can watch the video as many times as you need until it makes sense to you. There are sometimes notes Madeline make to go along with the moves as well.

How do you use your phone and workout at the same time?

I start by playing music from my phone. Then, I open the app and keep it open on my phone for the workout. For each workout, I go top to bottom, following the circuits along the way. I usually fill in the weights after each circuit or set, and watch videos as needed. I keep my phone nearby to check the moves, but am not constantly on it.