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Best Meal Planning App for 2022

You should be getting more out of your nutrition tech. In 2022, it's time to do better. It's time to Prospre with the best meal planning app around.

Is there an app that can plan my meals?

There are more apps than we know what to do with—there are almost 2 million different apps in Apple's app store alone. So the likelihood that an app can do what you want it to do seems to be increasing all the time.

The suite of apps related to personal health and well-being is a powerful sector unto itself. With the advent of fitness wearables and other tracking devices, we're accustomed to getting more and more insights about our health and lifestyle. An important subcategory here is apps related to food.

A grocery list might have been one of the earliest apps, and now most phones and computers have some version of a list-making application built-in to their systems. Things get more sophisticated with the ability to access nutritional information from an online database and use it to make decisions about what food to eat.

Finally, some apps have had a meal planning functionality, with functions to build an eating schedule and and stay on top of things like ingredients and nutritional considerations related to the meal plan.

The solution? Prospre.

Prospre (pronounced like "prosper") is an incredibly versatile meal planning app, and it's just about the best one around. Much more than a way to track what you've eaten, Prospre offers custom meal plans tailored to your nutritional profile and culinary preferences, all available with the click of a button.

Combine that with accurate nutritional information, auto-generated grocery lists, and the ability to change several different parameters to your liking, it's not hard to see why Prospre stands above the rest of the apps in this category.

Prospre has replaced more than one app I previously used, and I couldn't be happier with how it works. In this post, I'll tell you just a few of the reasons why I like Prospre so much and have started recommending it for your tracking and meal planning needs.

What is the best meal planning app available?

What if I told you that, using Prospre, you can generate a custom meal plan with just one click?

You might be skeptical, and I'd understand why. You might think: I can get a meal plan in one click anywhere on the internet—but that doesn't mean it'll work for me. And that might be true, but the meal plans you generate with Prospre are the exception. Given some simple information about your activity level, dietary preferences and restrictions, Prospre will create a new meal plan from scratch, made precisely for you.

Don't just track. Make a plan!

For a few years, I've used apps to keep track of the food I eat and get a sense of my calorie consumption. This is a useful thing to keep track of, and it's what got me started using apps like MyFitnessPal from the beginning.

As time has gone on, however, I've noticed that things weren't quite right. With an app like MyFitnessPal, which really focuses on calorie/macro tracking, you'd really hope that it'd be good at what it does. The crowd-sourced nature of the food database in MFP is a double-edged sword, and I've often found myself getting inaccurate information because another user's input was incorrect or otherwise mistaken.

Ultimately, even when I do manage to get good tracking, that's just about all I get, at least in the free version of the MFP. It's still up to me to build my plan for the week.

The great thing about Prospre is that it helps me build custom meal plans to fit my exact needs, using recipes and foods I love. The fact that it has reliable, accurate tracking (utilizing the USDA Food Composition Database) is just a bonus feature (and a really good one, too).

It's all in the plan

A meal planning app that's just a collection of cookie-cutter dietary guidelines? No thanks. Prospre really lets you get a plan that's fitted to your needs and lifestyle. I'm not exaggerating: the meal plans you generate with Prospre are made just for you, according to your specifications.

Want to be picky? That won't be an issue. Before building a plan, Prospre will ask you to "like" and "dislike" foods and take that into consideration when recommending meals. You can also vary the number of meals per day, use recurring meals (for your go-tos) and have the app take note of dietary restrictions.

Use your favorite recipes

A custom-generated meal plan should let you eat the meals you love. Want some great news? You can bring your favorite recipes with you to Prospre—including your favorite Jordo's World recipes—and fit them in to your plan.

How do you plan meals for the week?

If you've spent any time around here, you might notice that when it comes to eating, I like to have a plan. I plan meals because I tend to go off the rails when I don't, choosing what's quick and easy over what's healthy and what I really need.

I'm often saying that the hard work of meal planning at the beginning of the week (and related things like shopping, cooking, etc.) are worth it when it's easier during the week to get a good, healthy meal. The great thing about Prospre is that it makes this hard work easy.

After taking advantage of all of the incredible features that Prospre offers, the toughest part becomes sticking to the plan you've created. But Prospre also helps with that!

Flexibility: it helps you Prospre

One of the hardest parts of using a meal plan is that fact that, despite our best efforts and intentions, things don't always go to plan.

One way Prospre helps to keep you on track is the "Fit Into Plan" feature, which allows you to add an "un-planned" item (such as a dessert/treat) into your day and adjusts to accommodate it while you hit your goals.

Unless you have the incredible discipline (and, let's be honest, luck) to eat exactly what you planned to eat for a week—no more, no less—it helps to realize that a meal plan may look different on paper than it does on our plate.

Your new favorite meal planning app

I don't have to promote a meal planning app. I make meal plans on my own, which I'm proud of, and don't need to use an app to do this, much less spend time telling you about it.

I'm sharing Prospre because it's an absolute joy to use. The more I use Prospre to make meal plans, track my foods, and build my grocery lists, the more I want to keep using it.

I like it enough that I've worked with the folks at Prospre to make a free custom meal plan generator right on my website. There are no strings attached, and you can use it as much as you'd like.

I'll bet it's going to make you want to see all that Prospre has to offer. If that's true, use this link to download the app and take it out for a spin. You'll get a 1-month subscription to Prospre Pro free of charge! The subscription will automatically renew at the end of the trial, but you can cancel at anytime during the month and still experience the month trial.

Prospre Free and Prospre Pro

One great thing about Prospre: it's free to download and use. Even better, the free version has plenty of features to keep you happy and get you started with generating custom meal plans to fit your needs.

You can use Prospre without paying for as long as you'd like. But if you want to unlock everything that it has to offer, you'll want to consider Prospre Pro. The tools provided in Prospre Pro take an already-great app to the next level. You can really dial in your numbers, choose the number and frequency of meals, and a whole lot more. Prospre Pro is priced at a very reasonable $49.99/year (or $9.99/month if you pay monthly), so the Pro features are definitely within reach.

All of that to say: Prospre is free, and you can get a free month of Prospre Pro using this link. You have nothing to lose, and you might just gain your new best friend when it comes to meal planning and nutrition tracking. Join me and Prospre!