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Healthy Holiday Recipes

Are you still trying to decide what to make for the holidays? I got you covered with these healthy holiday meals! Here are some of my favorite recipes; they're a little more indulgent, but still full of nutrients to keep you energized this holiday season.

Enjoy these healthy holiday recipes!

These are pancake sausage bites. There is a muffin tin filled with little pancake muffins with pieces of sausage on top. There is a small bowl of syrup as well. This picture has a hand holding up a pancake bite with a bite taken out of it.
This is a picture of cinnamon roll casserole. There is a large white casserole dish filled with lightly browned cinnamon roll pieces. There's white icing coating the cinnamon roll pieces.
This is a picture of a berries and cream pancake skillet. There is a cast iron skillet with a giant pancake topped with berries and white icing. There is a piece of pancake shown zoomed in on a fork.
This is a picture of easy monkey bread. There is a half ring of the bread that is light brown, covered in cinnamon sugar, and drizzled in white icing.
  • Healthy Chicken Pot Pie
This is a healthy chicken pot pie. There is a brown flaky crust in a circle pie pan, topped with pieces of fresh thyme. There is a piece of pie cut out and you can see the vegetable and chicken filling falling out.
This is a plate of holiday peanut butter cups. There are circles of chocolate peanut butter cups with red and green sprinkles on top.
This is christmas party dip. There is a white bowl filled with gingerbread dip topped with red and green sprinkles. These are pieces of graham crackers on the side for dipping.
This is christmas puppy chow. There is chex cereal coated in a chocolate peanut butter mixture and white powdered sugar. There is also red and green m&m candies and pretzels mixed in.