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How To Support Content Creators and Influencers

There are so many ways to support content creators and influencers, most of which are even free! Pick a few of these ways to support your favorite creators.

This is a pinterest pin for the post about how to support content creators. There is a checklist of several ways people can support content creators.

Who is a content creator?

Who is a content creator? What does a content creator do? Have you heard these terms being used but aren't sure what they mean?

content creator is someone who is responsible for the contribution of information to any media and most especially to digital media. They're the people who create all of the fun and entertaining content you consume! Think about all of the blog posts you read, videos you watch, and recipes you search for. All of this content is created by bloggers, photographers, videographers, youtubers, and other creative content creators. Most of the time, people will refer to their favorite creators by the previously listed more specific terms instead of "content creators." For example, if I'm recommending a food blogger to a friend, I would say "Hey, I think you would really like this food blogger's recipes!" instead of "Oh, you would like this content creator," even though the food blogger is the content creator. Both terms definitely work!

who is an influencer?

An influencer is someone in a niche or industry that has specialized knowledge, authority or insight into a specific subject. They usually have a lot of sway over a particular audience as well. Think about the people you follow on Instagram who share products, recipes, or videos on a regular basis. They typically are referred to as influencers because they can get paid to try ti influence you to have some sort of action whether that is to try a product, make a recipe, or something of the sort. An influencer can also be a content creator. Most people would probably say influencers are content creators as well, but not all content creators are necessarily influencers.

why should I support content creators?

Have you ever felt inspired by after watching someone's video or reading a blog post? Did you learn something new or have a new idea? Or did you feel encouragement or understood? The chances are high that you have probably benefited from someone's content. That's so awesome if that's the case, because typically people are creating content for the exact reason to encourage, inspire, teach, or help others. However, if you do enjoy or benefit from someone's content, it only makes sense that you support them!

Most often, content creators provide free content to their audience and people like you. That being said, they are only able to keep providing content and resources if they receive support. If you enjoy someone's content, you absolutely should support them. There are so many different ways to show support, so choose a few ways and support your favorite creators!

how can i support content creators?

There are so many different ways you can support content creators! In fact, most of these are even free. While it's helpful to "follow" them on social media, there is so much more you can do to engage with their content. Consider choosing a couple of these to support your favorite creators!

  • Engage on social media
  • Visit their website
  • Join their mailing list
  • Purchase through their affiliate links
  • Buy their products
  • Rate and review recipes
  • Share their content

Engage on social media

Engaging with content creators on social media is probably one of the most common ways you support content creators. Chances are, this is how you found them in the first place! While it's support awesome to "follow" content creators, it is more helpful to be a more active follower. If there is content you enjoy, make sure to like, comment, or share it. If you think a friend might enjoy their content, share their account so they can have more followers as well. This goes for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and all other social media platforms. Increasing engagement on social media helps more people find their content as well.

Visit their website

If there is a content creator that has a website, go visit it! Their website is likely their home base and the hub of all of their hard work. Don't just visit it once, but check back in and make regular visits. When you visit, make sure to browse, comment, and share information you enjoy. If it's a food blogger, leave ratings, comments, and reviews on recipes as well!

join their mailing list

Most content creators have some sort of mailing list for people to join. Whether it's a weekly newsletter or email that gets sent out for every new post, there is usually a way that creators send information for people who care about their work. Sign up to receive their latest content straight to your inbox! And when you receive an email, actually open it, read it, visit the website, or complete some call to action.

purchase through their affiliate links

When a content creator is a part of affiliate marketing, they are able to earn commission for marketing another person's or company's products. So an affiliate link is a specific URL that contains the affiliate's information so that companies are able to record traffic from that particular link. This can be links for specific companies and even Amazon. If someone influences you to make a purchase, you should use their affiliate link if you're able because they will earn a small percentage of that purchase.

buy their products

Consider buying a product directly from a content creator! Chances are if they are selling a product, they have put a ton of hard work into creating it. If you would receive value from their product and you're able to afford it, consider buying it!

rate and review recipes

If you're following a food blogger, engage with their recipes! If you make a recipe and love it, make sure to rate and review it so others can find it as well. Help more people find their recipes by taking a picture of the finished product, tagging them on social media, and sharing it with your friends. Bonus points if you have a Pinterest and share their recipe to one of your boards!

share their content

Be active in sharing accounts and content that you love! Instead of just silently consuming their content, share with your community the value it provided you. Consider sharing what you can learn, the value it provides, and why you love it. You don't have to be active on social media to share content with your community.

why all of this is important

Content creators put a lot of time and hard work into creating their content! Regardless of their following or online presence, it is encouraging to see feedback and support. By providing support to creators, you will help to grow their following, engagement, and traffic to their website. This is exactly how they will be able to monetize their website. By monetizing their website, they will be able to receive compensation for their work which can go straight back to making valuable resources for their community and people like you!

thank you

On behalf of all content creators, thank you for your support. It is ONLY by your support that we are able to keep doing what we love! So thank you, thank you for your continual support.