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Top Recipes of 2022

Here it is...the 10 most popular recipes at Jordo's World from the year 2022!

This is a collage of the top recipes of 2022 for jordo's world. In this image are 4 recipes with the title on top. There's a picture of the chicken enchiladas, buffalo chicken pasta bake, protein french toast, and chicken bacon ranch casserole.

Most Popular Jordo's World Recipes 2022

The year 2021 was the first year of full-time hustling on my Jordo's World blog. It was an incredible experience betting on myself and discovering that this was truly something I could take on full-time. I love getting to do what I am passionate about every single day - creating simple, quick, nutritious recipes for busy people.

2022 has been just as exciting of a year with tons of new recipes, adventures, and visitors to the blog. Thank YOU for trying my recipes in your kitchens, creating meals with your families, sharing the blog with your friends, and coming along for the crazy ride!

This post shares the top 10 recipes on the blog this year, as well as some honorable mentions to recipes that first made their Jordo's World debut in 2022. Get ready for the most delicious roundup of the year!

10. Oreo Chocolate Parfait

This oreo chocolate parfait is a high-protein bowl of Oreo chocolate swirly goodness! This healthy recipe uses 4 ingredients & takes 4 minutes to make. Can we all agree that Oreo and chocolate are a power couple?

The two of them mixed together makes dessert dreams come true! I'm drooling just looking at this picture. It is no surprise this dessert makes the JW top recipes of 2022.

This is a chocolate oreo parfait. There is a small bowl filled with yogurt and chocolate pudding swirls, topped with whipped cream and crushed oreos.

9. Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole

Imagine this.... shredded crispy hashbrowns, sausage crumbles, baked egg, and melted cheese all mixed together into casserole form. YUM, right?! Perfect for the weekend, a busy morning, or meal prep -- this cheesy hashbrown casserole recipe will be a staple in your breakfast rotation!

The best part about this recipe is how easy it is to make! It only requires 5 ingredients and 5 minutes of prep time.

This is a casserole dish filled with cheesy hashbrown casserole. There is a silver dish filled with egg whites, sausage crumbles, and melted cheddar cheese. There is a small white plate with a piece of casserole on it.

8. Two-Minute Pancake Bowl

Craving pancakes but don't feel like getting out the pans and standing over the stove? This 2-Minute Pancake Bowl is for you! It only has 3 ingredients and is made right in the microwave.

This is a two minute pancake bowl. There is a bowl filled with pancakes and chocolate chips, topped with a piece of butter and syrup.

7. Pancake Sausage Bites

This 3-ingredient breakfast recipe is one of the most popular recipes for a reason! Perfect for meal prep and busy mornings, these Pancake Sausage Bites are adult and kiddo-approved.

These are pancake sausage bites. There is a muffin tin filled with little pancake muffins with pieces of sausage on top. There is a small bowl of syrup as well. This picture has a hand holding up a pancake bite with a bite taken out of it.

6. Protein French Toast

No wonder this recipe is in the top ten...this is the BEST protein French toast recipe. Perfecting French toast means mastering flavor and texture in a repeatable process: this recipe delivers on all fronts AND gives you 33g of protein while you’re at it.

This is a plate of protein french toast. There are slices of bread with dark brown toasted spots. The bread is covered in syrup and white powdered sugar.

5. Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole

Plenty of trios are worthy of praise. Earth, Wind & Fire, perhaps, or the Jonas Brothers. What about Chicken, Bacon & Ranch?

This Low-Carb Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole will bring these three starring ingredients to the front of your mind next time someone asks you to “Name a better trio.” I’ll wait.

This is a casserole dish filled with chicken bacon ranch casserole. There are penne noodles with shredded chicken, chopped bacon, and melted cheese on top. Chopped green onions are covering the top.

4. Cookies & Cream Overnight Oats

These Cookies and Cream Overnight Oats are creamy, delicious, and taste like Oreos! To make this recipe, it's as simple as adding all of the ingredients to a jar, shaking well, and letting it sit in the fridge overnight.

This healthy breakfast option offers a high amount of protein and delicious flavors that will give you so much energy. Start your day with these awesome Cookies and Cream Overnight Oats!

This is a bowl of cookies and cream overnight oats. The bowls are filled with chocolate oats topped with a dusted coating of crushed oreos.

 3. Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake

This healthy buffalo chicken pasta bake is the BEST. It's creamy, has a kick to it, and totally delicious. It's more nutritious than standard pasta bakes, with 23 g of protein and less than 300 calories per serving. On top of that, it's quick and easy to make. This will be your new favorite dinner recipe!


2. Rice Cake Snacks

Whether you're in the mood for something sweet or savory, these four dressed-up rice cakes have your snack time covered. In 2022, a lot of people out there harnessed the power of Rice Cake Snacks.

These are four rice cake snacks, each topped a different way. One is peanut butter and banana, another is sliced avocado, another is cottage cheese and seasoning, and the last is berries and yogurt.

1. Healthy Chicken Enchiladas

Need an easy, chicken-cheesy, and incredibly tasty dinner? Something that's packed with protein but doesn't taste like a healthier alternative? These Healthy Chicken Enchiladas are just what you're looking for, and that is why they are coming in at #1 for Jordo's World recipes this year!

These are healthy chicken enchiladas. There is a pan filled with the stuffed enchiladas and a small plate featuring two enchiladas topped with cheese, cilantro, and avocado.

Honorable Mentions of 2022

And now, for the honorable mentions of 2022. These are recipes that were specifically created in 2022. These next 5 recipes are the most popular, newest recipes at Jordo's World.

This is a picture of the top recipes of 2022 for Jordo's World. There is a collage with pizza pasta casserole, taco skillet, egg white everything bites, and chicken parmesan casserole.

Pizza Pasta Casserole

This Pizza Pasta Casserole is high in protein, low in carbs, and a great addition to your weekly meal prep. Your whole family is going to love this delicious recipe!


Chicken Parmesan Casserole

Yes, your favorite parts of chicken parm–the chicken, the cheese, the breading, the sauce—are all preserved, with the bonus of a deliciously hearty pasta base and a 1-2 punch of ricotta and mozzarella to complement the parmesan.

This is a pan filled with chicken parmesan casserole. There is a silver baking dish filled with noodles covered in pasta sauce, parmesan cheese, ricotta, and basil. A fork is holding up a bite of the pasta.

Egg White Everything Bites

These egg white everything bites are everything, but they're also everything. These egg white bites are high in protein, perfect for meal prep, and a guranteed delicious way to start your day.

These are egg white everything bites. There is a white plate with 8 egg whites. The egg white bites are topped with cheese, bacon, and everything but the bagel seasoning.

Easy Taco Skillet

With this easy taco skillet, you'll be skipping tortillas entirely—at least, for the main part of the dish. What I'm trying to say is that this recipe is just as good on its own as with your favorite serving vehicle: tortillas, chips, you name it.

Part of that is because this skillet adds rice into the mix, which rounds out the other ingredients (some real taco all-stars!) and gives this a standalone quality. And sometimes that's nice, because it's just one less thing to worry about.

This is easy taco skillet. There is a black skillet filled with rice, beans, ground beef, peppers, onion, cheese, and cilantro.

Ground Turkey Skillet with Veggies

You can go a long way combining a favorite protein source with some fresh veggies. In this case, I pick lean ground turkey and chose some zucchini, tomatoes, and spinach for a vegetable medley. Finally, I round it out with some riced cauliflower to make a complete meal in every serving!

Most Popular Recipes Recap

Here's a recap of the top recipes of 2022! These rankings speak for themselves. If you haven't tried one of these recipes, make it a goal for 2023 to try one...or two... or all of them!