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My Morning Routine (ft. fairlife Nutrition Plan)

This post is sponsored by fairlife—all opinions expressed are my own.

My morning routine sets the tone for the rest of my whole day. Come with me as I walk you through a morning powered by fairlife Nutrition Plan!

How to Plan Your Morning

There's no one right way to do your mornings. Everyone has different responsibilities, circumstances, and preferences that play into how they start the day. I'm fortunate to be in a situation where I make my own schedule, and I understand that's not the case for the majority of people.

That said, I still try to get the most out of the time I have, something everyone can appreciate. In this post, I'm sharing a blueprint that applies to many of my mornings, though no two are exactly alike! (Video of my morning routine linked here!)

There's one common thread to my days: I need to fuel properly to support everything I'm doing. In between meals—and sometimes as mini meals in place of them — I find myself reaching for fairlife Nutrition Plan. Knowing I can have 30g of high-quality protein ready in a great-tasting drink gives me the confidence to step out and get after my goals each day.

Morning Routine: At Home

Though I don't have to go anywhere in particular for work, I end up going a lot of places! That said, I start most days at home, and it's important to me to use that time wisely before heading out into the world.

Getting Out of Bed

Most days start with a workout first thing. I have the most motivation to push myself right when I get out of bed. Even on days where I'm not starting with a workout, I still try to prepare the night before by laying out clothes, setting an alarm (without a snooze!), and making a game plan to get me going.

Shower and Breakfast

After rinsing off and getting dressed, I'm thinking about coffee and breakfast. In fact, I'm usually starting the coffee before I head off into the shower!

Lately, my go-to meals for breakfast usually involve some version of egg whites, toast, and cheese. This forms a good nutritional base and helps me progress toward my all-important protein goal.

When it's later in the morning and I'm drinking a fairlife Nutrition Plan, I know that I'm making great progress toward my nutrition goals. I care about my health, but I also care about good taste—fairlife Nutrition Plan allows me to prioritize my wellness without sacrificing deliciousness.

As I'm finishing up breakfast, I'm almost always doing something else. Because my work involves using my phone a lot, I'm trying to use this time to do something unplugged like reading a book.

These are pancake sausage bites. There is a muffin tin filled with little pancake muffins with pieces of sausage on top. There is a small bowl of syrup as well.
Recipe linked here

Working in the (home!) Office

Like an increasing number of people, my office is in my house. Though computer work makes up only a small percentage of what I do for my business in a day—like typing this post, for example—it's still important work that demands focus and attention to remain on track.

A big part of my morning routine is centered around making sure I protect the time I need to get this focused work done, even when a lot of other demands are vying for my attention that day. I don't always get it perfect, but I'm always working to improve on the previous day and set myself up for success!

Morning Routine: Out and About

This is the part of the day where things can really vary. When I leave the house, I'm usually going to 4 or 5 different places, all before lunch! While it's possible to make a general roadmap for the day, it's hard to know how much time any given thing will take.

All the Errands

My morning routine becomes a little less routine when I walk out the door. I do have some more common destinations where I tend to show up more often than not.

Dropping Off My Husband

Al and I share a vehicle, so when he doesn't take the bus to work, I drop him off. If that's what I'm doing, it's usually right after breakfast, so I have to leave the office work until later.

I usually help Al throw together a lunch from food we've meal prepped. More often than not, he asks for a fairlife Nutrition Plan, and I'm nice enough to share his favorite - Strawberry!

Grocery Stores

As a recipe creator and food blogger, I make a lot of trips to the store for ingredients. Of course, not every store has everything, and I always want to be conscious of price, so I often going to two or even three different stores when gathering what I need.

The Post Office

Giveaways are one of my favorite parts of engaging with people from my social media platforms. Getting to share things I've been fortunate to get through my work is a very rewarding experience! It's safe to say that heading to the post office isn't the most exciting part of that experience, but it has to be done, and I've got to be the one to do it.

The Library

Okay, this one isn't strictly work, but I'd say I'm hitting the library more often than not when I head out. Your girl loves to read, and not everything is available as an e-book! Fortunately, there's a library close to home, but depending on where I've been before, it's another drive.

Morning Routine: Fueling with fairlife

I know I'm not the busiest person out there, but running around like this can really take it out of me. Though I make sure to eat a good breakfast, I can't ask one meal to carry me all the way through until lunch when I'm staying active and moving with purpose.

When it comes to my morning routine, I see fairlife Nutrition Plan as the bridge between breakfast and lunch. When I put a Nutrition Plan bottle in my bag, I'm packing a real dairy shake with a strong nutritional profile that is SO DELICIOUS.

The protein from the ultra-filtered milk helps satisfy my hunger and provide sustained energy. Plus, the taste and convenience are major factors. With so many good options, I won't settle for bland drinks with chalky textures and a questionable aftertaste. With a fairlife Nutrition Plan shake, I don't have to worry about any of that. I just trust it to be there.

The Rest of the Day

No matter what the rest of the day will bring, knowing I started strong in the morning carries me through. When it comes to starting my day, it helps to have a (nutrition) plan!