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Free Weekly Meal Plan #1

I'm going to be serving up FREE weekly meal plans for blog subscribers. Here's the first one!


Meal planning has been such a huge game-changer in my life. From freeing up time during the week to helping me meet my nutrition goals, having a weekly meal plan really helps me take on a busy schedule with confidence. Because of this, I'm going to start making FREE weekly meal plans with my recipes, and I want to make them useful for YOU.

I have a free Weekly Meal Plan Template that gives YOU the resources to meal plan and prep using what you have in the fridge, your favorite recipes, and your family needs. The template allows you to customize a plan for you!


Meal prep is an essential part of my active and healthy lifestyle. I have several meal prep resources that offer insight into the tools I use to meal prep with affordability and consistency. If you're wanting to step up your meal prep game, check these out:


Here's a meal plan I made for 2 people. I've included all of the recipes I used in the meal plan, but this is just a starting point! Adjust meals as needed for your personal dietary and nutritional needs!

You can follow the plan, tweak it to suit your needs, or go fully custom with the help of my Weekly Meal Plan Template and other included resources.


Here is a list of the recipes used in the meal plan below:



  • Healthy Sloppy Joes + fresh fruit + chips
  • California Club Wrap (recipe coming soon) + veggies & hummus





Is having a meal plan helpful? Is there something that would make it more valuable to you? Any suggestions you have? Please leave a comment on this post or send me an email -- I would love to hear how this can be most helpful to you. Thanks!


My goal is to share easy, simple ways to live an attainable & sustainable healthy lifestyle. One of the primary ways I do this is by sharing simple recipes, meal plans, and other motivating content. All of my content on Instagram and this blog is 100% free to you! Buying me a cup of coffee is an easy way to to support me by giving me the energy to keep sharing free content. THANK YOU!